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Brewing process
The brewing concept of combining quality, art and environmental protection.

Winemakers of Chateau Huadong-Parry condense the sweat, sincerity, wisdom and perseverance into a bottle of excellent works, and show the grapes’ true nature incisively and vividly with superb technology and precision. With the successful integration of advanced technology and traditional processes and fusion of old and new wine world’s traditional culture and modern consciousness, each bottle of Huadong wine is the crystallization of effort. After years of exploration and practice, we have innovated and developed an ecological production mode of our wine and improved the quality of wine production. We apply cleaner production ideas and methods to improve the viticulture and brewing process, and the use of green raw materials and green wine technology and ecological technology strives to reduce resource consumption, avoid pollution of the environment, produce high quality but low consumption wine, and achieve a high degree of harmony between man and nature of ecological civilization. We aim to repay consumer and society. Our company is in strict accordance with the international O.I.V. wine production standards, with reference to the international popular wine tastes and at the same time we base more on people’s taste habits to improve the process, and always adhere to brewing more suitable dry white wine for the Chinese people taste.

Careful picking and art fermentation brewing beginning in the season of harvest

Chateau Huadong-Parry uses artificial picking, string selection, to avoid adding the hurt of grapes, pollution and doping leaves to protect the grape quality. When picking, skilled workers will pick grapes on the tree and accept them by the ear. After picking, grapes are sent to more skilled workers to have second screening before the press, in oder to ensure that each pressed grape achieves high quality. In Chateau Huadong-Parry, every vine can only produce a bottle of 750ml wine.

In autumn each year, ripe grapes will first have stems removed, crushed and cooled down in the heat exchanger. After cooling, the grape compound is sent into press for juicing operation. Since grape juice contains large amount of pectin and it needs to add pectinase to purity and obtain quality grape juice. The purified grape juice is transferred to another tank and yeast is added to start fermentation process. The fermentation process is the key to determine the wine quality. During this period, winemaker will track the fermentation process continuously so that it will go on as conceived by the winemaker. This conception is highly personalized, which endows the wine with certain form of artistry. Upon the completion of fermentation, grape juice turns into wine. Through ageing in oak barrel, the sharpness of wine will gradually wear away with passing of time and reach the prime of its life. Just as human, wine boasts rich connotation and countenance like the masculinity of man and the fullness of woman.

Advanced equipment and Consummate Technology to brew excellent wine
Advanced equipment

Despite innate raw materials and acquired technology, good brewing skills are absolutely essential, among which the wine equipment is very important. Huadong Vineyard has introduced advanced wine making equipment from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries, such as dehumidifier, air bag press, cold and heat exchanger, rotary fermentation tank, Gani Mead fermentation tank, vacuum drum filter Machine, cross-flow filter, high-performance refrigerators, filling machines, pumps, etc.. All of these provide superior production conditions for the production of high-quality wine.

Superb technology

Suspension Clarification: The use of suspension clarification process instead of the traditional process of natural clarification is to meet the needs of continuous large-scale production, which can effectively control the clarity of grape juice, improve the quality of grape pulp, conducive to brewing fruity, pure taste Wine products. Solving the traditional low-temperature natural clarification’s shortcomings of time-consuming and energy-consuming, it can also reduce energy, shorten the processing time, and improve production efficiency.

Low-temperature fermentation process: the use of dynamic temperature control fermentation technology for dry white wine fermentation, phased precise control of low temperature fermentation, improve the quality of estate wine, grapes to maximize the retention of raw materials aroma and nutrition.

Digital production process

Digital temperature control technology: we have introduced environmentally friendly high-performance freezer from Italy, and world-class digital temperature control technology. At the same time, we upgrade the original digital control program and the entire temperature control process is controlled by the computer. Winemaker can observe the operation state of each fermentation tank in the computer interface at any time, with the use of fast computer operation to get rapid analysis of the basic data of various wines, timely and accurately to determine a better technology program to achieve the whole grape brewing process of log management.


Control integration: through the automatic temperature control system and gas sensing system, we use the application of information technology to transform the traditional grape fermentation industry. Especially in information technology, we cooperate with the United States Amphora cooperation in the development of the wine control software system to achieve whole-process management since the growth of grape. Along with the relevant parameters of brewing process, it can achieve direct organic docking with production process control system and we can truly realize management integration and digital control of the wine production.


Information Database: we constructed a fingerprint database of mineral elements and flavor substances of white wine, and established a fingerprint identification equation to distinguish wine-producing areas. It provides enterprises with raw material pollution risk assessment, fake and shoddy products identification and combat, and provides technical support to protect the brand and safeguard the interests of consumers.


Huadong Music Cellar: Well-designed semi-underground music cellar creates the necessary conditions for aging; imported oak barrels create a good training environment for different wine aging. Huadong underground music cellar awakes barrels of mellow wine with its distinctive aging method. While enjoying the wine cellar and being indulged in the beautiful music, carrying the winery culture, its innovation determined its maverick artistic temperament and charm.

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