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High Quality Raw Materials

Chateau Huadong-Parry covers an area of more than 2000 mus. It introduced tens of thousands grapevines consisting of 13 classic European varieties including Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Sarah, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc to name a few. and it established ten thousand mu of grape base in Daze Mount and other places. Huadong employs the Two Wire Vertical trellising system that compliments Qingdao’s natural growing conditions. The chateau and nature are in harmony and guarantee rich and flavorous wines, for which Huadong has an enviable reputation.


Eurasian origin, originating in France Burgundy (Bourgogne), it is also known as Chardonnay. Having been introduced to China by the Hungarian in 1951, it is the world's most popular wine grape, an early maturity variety. Chardonnay is much used in making white wine, which is mostly pale golden color. Chardonnay is the most suitable variety for dry oak barrels cultivation, and its full-bodied aroma, mellow taste can become more abundant after long term storage. Mainly producing dry white wine and sparkling wine, Chardonnay wines usually have a pineapple, green apple or pear flavor, tasting more rounded, neutral. In addition to individual circumstances, it will not be very acid, and is slightly sweet, more suitable for Chinese tastes.


Also known as incense, in Italy, said Riesling Italico, said in Australia Welschriesling, in China is transliteration for Yi Silin, Italy Riesling, Welsh Riesling and so on. It belongs to Eurasian species and is an ancient brewing breed. It is widely distributed in western and central Europe, including France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and so on. Yelin has a tender green background, dark purple with additional color, medium-sized, small leaves, was heart-shaped, medium-sized ear, cylindrical or cylindrical conical and so on. In the sandy soil, hills and mountains of high quality growth results, is the brewing of high quality white wine varieties. The dry white wine light yellow or yellow straw, with ripe fruit aroma, fresh and refreshing, suitable for early drinking. Late wine for aging, aging wine after the fullness of soft, long aftertaste.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a kind of red grape used in the production of wines, originating in the Bordeaux region of France. It is easy to grow and is suitable for many different climates. It has been widely cultivated in various places. Cabernet sauvignon is the most graceful king of the brewing wine varieties and is the traditional brewing red wine variety. High-grade dry red wine of cabernet sauvignon grape is light ruby red, clear and transparent, with green stems incense, mellow taste, and good aftertaste. Like all premium red wines, the red wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon are very mellow. In addition, it also comes with black currant fruit, berries, and even some pepper feeling, making your taste buds puzzled. Bordeaux, France is the most classic and most representative Cabernet Sauvignon cultivation area. The famous Bordeaux top five wineries mainly use Cabernet Sauvignon to brew red wine.


Eurasian species. Originally from Burgundy, France, China introduced its cultivation from Bulgaria in 1957. Gamay grapes are large, thin skin and juicy, with low tannins. The wine with fresh fruit aromas such as strawberries, raspberries and fruit sugars, has a soft taste.

Cabernet Gernischt

Cabernet Gernischt, a member of the Cabernet family, is a sister breed with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, introduced to China in 1892. The variety is purple black, thick skin with thick fruit powder, sweet and juicy. Wine brewed by Cabernet Gernischt is deep ruby red, with high clarity, exuding a rich bouquet, harmonious mellow and oak flavour, mellow taste, full bodied.


Riesling grapes belonging to the Eurasian species, is an ancient fine breed varieties, originated in the German Rhine region. Its variety and name is so diverse and complex that in its hometown of Germany, it is called Riesling, in California called Johannisberg Riesling, and in Australia Rhine Riesling. There is no relationship between the ordinary Italian Riesling and the real Riesling. 65% of the world's Riesling is planted in Germany, and 95% of the German wine is brewed with it. From Riesling grapes, there are a wide range of wines ranging from fine wines, expensive wines to ice wines and dry berry wines. Young Riesling wine, from dry wine to sweet wine is quite suitable for summer drinking. Because it has a rich fruit flavor (lemon flavor), accompanied by elegant flower fragrance, mixed plant incense, honey and minerals and other fresh and pleasant aroma. The aging of Riesling makes the wine color from light green to dark gold, and the aroma is more complex, with a slight petrol flavor on the basis of the floral (this tasting represents the wine's breed characteristics, not the disadvantage) and very charming smell of ripe fruit and honey. Light and delicious fish, chicken, shellfish and soft cheese with Riesling is very good, and Riesling can even match with spicy Chinese food.

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