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Company Profile

Qingdao Huadong Wine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, by the British Mr. Gabriel in Qingdao, China. According to the European vineyard model, this green wine winery has included grape cultivation, brewing, wine culture promotion, tourism, tourism, personalized custom and series of industries, and according to the international wine production standards, it is the senior wine enterprises with regard to a single species, origin and year.

Company Culture

Enterprise vision: build China dry white first brand, lead China dry white times.
Enterprise mission: let life have taste, have more taste.       
Enterprise spirit: strive for self-improvement, forge ahead.          
Enterprise values: people-oriented, quality as the soul.

Company development

In recent years, Huadong Wine Company has determined to reform, practice, and innovate to maintain a leading edge in the fierce competition in the industry. The four dimensions are included simultaneously, the high-quality grape cultivation base, senior winery wine brewing technology research, elegant winery culture experience, and high-end brand promotion strategy. The company's comprehensive economic indicators and industry rankings have jumped the country's top four in one fell swoop. We have created a grand blueprint in Qingdao, Shandong, designed the layout of China's wine industry and stepped into the first echelon. After entering into a steady and rapid development of the fast lane, the company’s economic growth has been increasing year after year; the core competitiveness has a continuous promotion which pushes the enterprise by leaps and bounds.

The future of the company

In the future, Huadong Wine Company will continue to increase the construction of high-quality grape planting base, to provide high-quality raw material security for brewing; carefully built two major wineries in Qingdao Huadong • Parry and Penglai Huadong • Parry Chateau, lead the wine trend, enjoy the wine culture, create high quality life, and become the leader of China's high-end wine and wine culture. Adhering to "good governance, self-improvement" enterprise spirit and the enterprise style of "speed, efficiency, efficiency", we are planning development blueprint with a high starting point and high standards. Capital securitization and capitalization is the key point. Through the introduction of strategic investors, with the aid of the power of the capital market, we try to seize the opportunity to integrate resources, do deep, be a special, strong and big wine industry. By speeding up the integration of capital, we are to achieve larger scale and strategic breakthroughs; with pragmatic and innovative spirit, we will create a new comprehensive situation and achieve a new leap and glory!

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