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European-Style Green Wine Vineyard

Huadong Vineyard is located in the beautiful scenery of Qingdao Laoshan Jiulongpo. Its natural environment near the mountain and by the sea forms the unique gold growth belt of wine grape in Huadong. It is strictly built in accordance with the European wine estate model built, and according to international standards, it produces single variety and senior in year and origin wine, known as China's "Fingcon Crest."


Huadong Vineyard was created by the British Mr. Mike Baili in 1985, covering more than 2,000 acres. It introduced Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grmay and other tens of thousands of strains of 13 European luxury wine grape varieties from France. which lasted 30 years to cultivate. It has been gradually built to be a green model vineyard with regionalization of improved varieties, the base of improved varieties, the base of raw materials, and the production of standardized in China.

The Land of Gold

Baxiandun, Jiulongpo, 3s growth rule, 5 square kilometers of micro-ecological circle, form a unique sample of Laoshan ecological vineyard.

Huadong Vineyard is located in Jiulongpo slope foot terrace. South facing the sea, sunshine, and north latitude 37 ° wine grape gold latitude band, bright and clear, are in line with the sun, sea, sand "3S" golden rule. Its geographical location, climatic conditions, geological structure are similar to world famous wine brewing Bordeaux region.


After 35 years’ unremitting maintenance, it has created five square kilometers of the Jiulongpo micro-ecological circle, formed vineyard natural microclimate, and reached the achievements of a unique Chinese Laoshan ecological park.

Excellent product

With 23 ° sugar, 30 years’ old and natural hone for 270 days, a tree produces just a bottle of wine

Huadong Vineyard cultivates many grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Gernischt, which have more than 30 years’ old. The grape root is over 3 meters deep and grape varieties are highly purified. In Daze Mount and other places, we have established ten thousand mu of grape base. "Huadong’s single stem with two arms" cultivation mode, plus the natural conditions of Qingdao, has ensured the "Huadong’s" products distinctively high-grade.


"Huadong’s planting mode": single stem and two arms technology, limited root growth technology, rain shelter cultivation techniques, 4-dimensional multi-formula fertilizer technology, in the digital management, refinement process to achieve the yield, the average grape sugar content of over 23 Degree, increased amino acid content, and increased mineral content, to further improve the quality of grapes.

Legend of the Arts

Originated in Germany, the East ingenuity, and combining the East with the West, contributes to achievements of legendary skills

Advanced brewing equipment, integrated into the original suspension clarification technology and low temperature fermentation process, make the wine’s aroma richer and the wine’s taste more pure. Automatic temperature control system, gas sensing system, and data control system, have achieved the integration of wine production control and digitization.


The effective fusion of European traditional wine-making techniques and modern wine-making techniques, the fusion of tradition and science, 14 ℃ low temperature fermentation, 480 hours of careful brewing, have achieved the classic quality of Huadong Vineyard wine, and have provided consumers with "Oriental taste" wine.

God cellaring

Temperature 16 ℃, humidity 70%, 300L oak barrels, more than 180 days cellaring

After the completion of wine-making, there is an aging possession in an area of 3,000 square meters of Huadong’s underground music cellars. Time carves, with wine in 16 ℃ constant temperature and 70% humidity suitable environment. Through the import of new French 300L oak barrels, wine and oak barrels can be fully contacted. After more than 180 days of oak barrels cellaring, the aroma of oak and the fruity freshness of the wine is fully integrated. High-quality wine needs to have 1-3 years’ constant temperature bottle storage, music cultivation, and oak barrels edification, to make the Huadong Vineyard wine a distinct personality and noble quality.

Noble choice

The beautiful scenery of Qingdao Laoshan mountains in the back, facing the seaside tour of the holy land, rural resort-style green winery

With the title "xanadu,", back against beautiful Qingdao Laoshan Mountains, facing the seaside visiting the holy land, Huadong Vineyard is a "national industrial tourism demonstration sites." In 2010, Huadong • Baili Winery has been assessed as "the national AAAA-level scenic spots". Green grapes criss-crossing, various style sculpture hidden inside, more than 2,000 meters of wine culture corridor engraved with ancient literati inspirational poems spreading in Jiulongpo, all of these form a picture just like ancient European winery.


Creating a pastoral green winery, to provide aristocratic service, inheriting of the noble quality of European noble family, with Mr. Barry's legendary Oriental plot, brewing real wine wines, we are renewing Mr. Barry's Chinese wine legend.

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